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This page is all about me!!!

On this page, I'm gonna tell you about my job and my favorite stuff, if you really don't care that sucks doesn't it. But if you don't think you are gonna like this page just read it. If you still think it sucks tell me in a comment and i'll post something about you on my site so you can see what I think about that.


This what I do for a living


What a job!

Being a clown is a fun job. But sometimes it gets hard, some people say, "being a clown is easy."  But think, you ever thought that it might be annoying having to reapply facepaint EVERY SINGLE DAY !!! Also, you always have to be smiling, it's always just, smile smile smile smile, all the time. Plus the pay for a clown isn't that big, some clowns are just bums on the streets who thought it would be some easy money. So next time think, before you think that a clown's life is easy. CUZ IT AIN'T!!!

Lava Lamp, Bubbling


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Barnie camp adventures, Jump Start preschool, and Disney sing-along-songs

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
My grandma playing the trombone

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