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These are a bunch of random things that happened to me.

If you've ever heard of it, there is a company called "Emerica" and it makes the same stuff as volcom.  So this kid was wearing an Emerica T-shirt and I ran up to him and yelled," They spelled America wrong!!!" the kid looked at me while me and my friends laughed. Then we ran away.
My friend Evan has something to say:
Hi every one !!! I like cheese! Do u like cheese??? And if you don't you suck! ^_^
Today at school we were having testing and at the end of the second test everyone was just sitting around waiting to get let out. I was talking to my friends and we were remembering when sarah let alex wear her Juicy jacket, it was really thin so it made him look like a girl. I said it would be cool if I bought one of those, everyone thought that would be pretty funny. For the rest of the time we discussed what purse would go well with an orange Juicy jacket.

I will update this every time something random happens to me.

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