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On this page I'll describe each member of my family. I hate them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandma

Here I might describe my Great,Great,Great,Great Grandma, including such information as why her seven husbands each died a mysterious death leaving her loads of cash. I'll also write about how she lived to be so old.

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25 cent

Here I might describe my favorite rapper, including such information as how many bad words he manages to fit into each of his songs. I'll also write about how bored I am right now.

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My Children

Here I might write about my children. I will whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up. KIDS!!!!!  I'm only 12 holy crap.  That would be like a genius world record.

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Other Relatives

I'd prefer not to talk about these people.

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